The County Assembly has voted to endorse the motion recommending the removal from office of the Kitui County Assembly Deputy Speaker Hon. Christopher Nzioka Nzilu through impeachment.

41 MCAs voted in support of the motion with 3 MCAs voting against the motion and 16 members were marked absent.

Hon. Christopher Nzilu who was in the house was given the opportunity to give his final submission to the house before the members proceeded to division.

Announcing the verdict, the Speaker of the Assembly Hon. Kevin Kinengo Katisya said the result of the vote means the assembly has resolved to remove the deputy speaker from office on the following grounds:

  1. Insubordination of the operations of the Assembly.
  2. Abuse of office.
  3. Extremely unreliable and hardly attends Assembly sittings.
  4. Gross violation of the constitution and other enabling laws.

The motion was moved by Hon. Bonface Mukwate Katula (kanyangi) and seconded by Hon. Harrison  Maluki Mawia (migwani)

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