Frequently Asked Questions

This is a paper that highlights the business to be placed before or to be taken by the County Assembly in each sitting. The order paper is extracted from the weekly business schedule which is tabled in the House by the County Assembly Business Committee on every Thursday during the afternoon sitting by a designated member of the County Assembly Business Committee. The weekly Schedule shows the business coming before the House in the imminent week
Communication from the chair is a message from the Speaker of the Assembly to the honorable members of the Assembly. It can also be an announcement or request from the speaker to the members. Communication from the Chair is not subject to interrogation and during such a Communication, no Member should enter or exit the Chamber
A petition is a written prayer to the County Assembly by a member of the public, private entity or interest groups requesting the County Assembly to consider any matter within its authority, including enacting, amending or repealing any legislation. A petition to the Country Assembly can be submitted to the Clerk by the petitioner and reported to the County Assembly by the Speaker or it can represented by a member of Assembly on behalf of the petitioner , with the consent of the Speaker
This means any printed or electronic material laid on the Table of the County Assembly or a Committee of the County Assembly pursuant to any law or the Standing Orders or any other material as the Speaker may determine. Basically, papers are documents tabled with the interest for information or adoption by the Assembly. Papers may include most statutory instruments, Assembly Papers as well as Committee reports and reports of certain statutory bodies.
A motion is a proposal by a Member, a Committee or a Party submitted in the Assembly seeking a desired course of action. Before a notice of motion is given, a member/Chairperson (in the case of a Committee) shall deliver a signed copy of the proposed motion to the Clerk of Assembly who subsequently submits the proposed motion to the Speaker.
Statements are tools of inquiry used to shed light on certain issues of concern that are of public interest by a member with the intention of getting more information or action on a matter
A bill is a legislative proposal that becomes an Act/ Law upon passage and gazettement in the County or Kenya Gazette. Bills can be introduced in the house by a Member of Assembly or a committee. A Bill may either intent to enact a new law (to anchor a policy into a law), amend or repeal existing law(s). Legislative Authority at the County level is vested in the County Assembly and is exercised through passage of Bills. Bills can either be:-  Private Bill - Bill intended to affect or benefit some particular person, association or corporate body; or  Public Bill - a Bill which is intended to affect the public generally, or a section of the public.
The Votes and Proceedings are the official record of all that is done in the County Assembly during a sitting.
These are written rules that govern the proceedings of the House. Both in the Plenary and in the Assembly committees.
This is the period during which the County Assembly stands
Means a period during which the County Assembly is sitting continuously without adjournment and includes any period during which the County Assembly is in Committee.
1) Is the public allowed to access the County Assembly and its committees?  YES Standing Order 223(1) provides that; except as may be expressly provided to the contrary, every person has access to the County Assembly and its committees. 2) What is the role of the (MCAs) Members of County Assembly? The major role of the Members of the County Assembly is: i. Legislation, ii. Representation and iii. Oversight.