Development inspection tour by Majority leader.

County Assembly of Kitui Majority leader Hon Peter Kilonzo On Wednesday, 27th February, 2019 led the assembly committees in various parts of Kitui County on inspection tour.

The committee visited Mutomo, Mbitini, Kisasi, Nzambani and Mulango wards during their tour around the counties on inspection of county government projects for year 2015/16.

The aim of the committee is to see if the contractors awarded the Development projects which has been undertaken by the County Government during the previous financial years were were done to the satisfactory .

These include projects done within Mutomo Snake Park, Mutomo Level IV Hospital, Mbitini Health Centre, Kangweni Borehole Project, Kisasi Health Centre and Mulango Youth Polytechnic.

The committees are committed to legislating on possible interventions immediately they resume the county assembly resumes its sessions after the county tour hon peter Kilonzo said

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