Nominated Senators Beth Syengo and Tabitha Mutinda both from Kitui County have urged the County Assembly Representatives to work with all elected leaders from the County for the benefits of Kitui County citizenry.

Speaking when they visited the County Reps at a Nairobi hotel where they are attending a legislative workshop, the Senators reiterated the importance of unity of purpose amongst all elected leaders. “Our work is to fight for devolution and devolution cannot be meaningful without empowering the Members of the County Assembly”, added Sen. Beth.

Speaking during the event, the Speaker of the County Assembly Hon. Kevin Kinengo Katisya has urged the Senate to fight for the autonomy of the County Assemblies through legislation that will see County Assemblies get their own independent budgets for them to work effectively. Hon. Kinengo also called for both Houses to come up with a legislation that will enable County Representatives have ward development fund.

“Thorough my leadership, I will support the County Reps to ensure they achieve their mandate”, Said Hon. Kinengo.

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