A report by the Joint Committee on Finance and Economic Planning, and Budget and Appropriations on consideration of the Kitui County Finance Bill, 2020 (C/A Bill No. 4 of 2020) was adopted by the House today.

The County Assembly was called upon to enhance and conduct its oversight role with vigor to ensure utmost budget compliance by the line executive departments and restrain any incidents of fund misappropriations.

Amongst other general recommendations approved include:

1. The Committee rejected the increment in water drilling rates from Ksh 101,000 to Ksh 500,000 and proposed retaining of the previously provided rates.

2. The Kitui County Valuation Roll to be immediately availed and publicized in places accessible by the general public in order to facilitate implementation through payment of rate/rents of attached properties.

3. The County Government to roll out a program to renovate the existing county houses which are undervalued and in a dilapidated state so as to advance them to competitive market conditions and get better rent rates.

4. The County to revise the lad rates upwards in the coming financial year like in other counties which is an avenue to increase own source revenue.

5. The Ministry of Trade, Cooperatives and Investments must ensure immediate and consistent upgrade of market facilities across the county.

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